Error 7214



Message text

No site name received in server login packet. Server login rejected.


This error occurs when executing a remote procedure call (RPC) from an Adaptive Server that has not been given a name using the sp_addserver system procedure. The Adaptive Server name referred to here is stored in the sysservers system table as well as in the @@servername global variable.


  1. Use sp_addserver to assign a name to the Adaptive Server initiating the RPC, while using that server:

    1> sp_addserver <sql_server_name>, local
    2> go

    Refer to “sp_addserver” in the Reference Manual: Procedures for information about valid Adaptive Server names.

  2. Restart Adaptive Server to have the change take effect.

  3. Verify that the server initiating the RPC has been given a name:

    1> select @@servername
    2> go

    You can also check the Adaptive Server start message. The output will show the (local) Adaptive Server initiating the RPC. If the output is NULL, then the local server has not yet been assigned a name.

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