Server is unnamed

Message text

server is unnamed


This is an informational message that displays during Adaptive Server start-up if the Adaptive Server has not been given a name using the sp_addserver system procedure. The Adaptive Server name is stored in the sysservers system table as well as in the @@servername global variable. This name is used primarily for managing server-to-server communication and does not have to match the server name used either in the interfaces file or in the RUN_<server> file.


No action is required. However, the Adaptive Server administrator can prevent this message from displaying by assigning a name to the Adaptive Server using the sp_addserver procedure. Refer to the Reference Manual: Procedures for information about restrictions on valid Adaptive Server names added with sp_addserver.

To assign a name to an Adaptive Server using the sp_addserver command (and eliminate the message), type:

1> sp_addserver <server_name>, local
2> go

Where <server_name> is the name you want to assign to the Adaptive Server.

The @@servername global variable will not reflect the name until Adaptive Server is restarted. All subsequent starts of the Adaptive Server display the new name during Adaptive Server start-up. For example, for an Adaptive Server named “MY_SERVER”, the message would be:

server: server name is 'MY_SERVER'

Although this Adaptive Server name is associated with server-to-server communication, specifying a name does not in itself allow this communication and therefore does not represent a security risk. Naming all Adaptive Servers this way makes the Adaptive Server error logs easy to identify, because the Adaptive Server name is contained within the log.