Registering an SAP ASE Server

Register a resource (for example, a server that can be monitored) to make SAP Control Center aware of it and its connection information.

  1. In the Resource Explorer, select Resources > Register.
  2. Specify:
    New Resource Type Details
    Field Description
    Resource Name (Required) Name of the resource to register. Enter the actual name of the managed server, using uppercase and lowercase letters. If the name registered in SAP Control Center does not exactly match the server name, some monitoring functions, including the topology view, do not work.
    Resource Type

    Select a resource type:

    • SAP ASE Server ( – monitor or later. Choose this type for full server monitoring capabilities.
    • SAP ASE, Replication Only ( – monitor only the RepAgent threads for an SAP ASE server that is older than version Choose this type for a server that is part of a replication environment.
    Description A brief description to help you identify the resource.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Specify the connection information for your resource:
    New Resource Connection Details
    Field Description
    Server Host Name/Host Name Local host name
    Port Number Local host port number
    Character Set Character set configured on SAP ASE
    Note: If the server is configured to use a language that requires a multibyte character set such as Chinese, make sure to specify the correct character set in the connection profile.
    Language Language configured on SAP ASE
  5. Click Next.
  6. (Optional) Enter a user name and password that SCC can use to authenticate with this resource to retrieve its software version. The credentials are used only for this purpose, then discarded.

    If you prefer not to authenticate now, click I do not want to supply authentication information.

    This step enables SCC to display the correct version information for the server before the server is formally authenticated (later in the configuration process).

  7. (Optional) Click Add this resource to the current perspective. You must add a resource to a perspective (not necessarily the current perspective) before you can manage or monitor it.
  8. (Optional) Click Open the resource explorer to view this new resource. (This option is not present when the Resource Explorer is open.)
  9. Click Finish.
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