Configuring SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise for Monitoring

On each server you plan to monitor, grant mon_role to the user account used to log in to the SAP ASE server, and set monitoring options in the configuration file.

The SAP ASE component of SAP Control Center needs a user account to log in to SAP ASE. To gather monitoring data, that account needs the role mon_role.

  1. Create or select a login account for SAP Control Center to use when it connects to SAP ASE.
  2. Use the sp_role stored procedure to grant mon_role to the login account, which in this example is called scc:
    sp_role "grant", mon_role, scc
    Note: After adding mon_role, if a resource is open for monitoring before you make the suggested parameter changes, a configuration dialog opens allowing you to modify the parameter values.
  3. You see a Configuration Parameters Validation screen that displays the current values and the recommended values needed to enable monitoring. Change the current values to the recommended values or, for nonbinary values, to values that are consistent with the level of activity on the monitored SAP ASE. You must have sa_role to change parameter values.
Register your SAP ASE server with SAP Control Center and add it to a perspective.
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