Error 3414



Message text

Versions earlier than 15.0:

Database '%.*s' (dbid %d): Recovery failed. Check the SQL Server errorlog for further information as to the cause.

Version 15.0 and later:

Database '%.*s' (dbid %d): Recovery failed. Check the ASE errorlog for further information as to the cause.


This error occurs during startup when Adaptive Server could not complete the recovery of the database listed in the error message.

In most cases, you cannot use the database until whatever caused the error has been corrected because Adaptive Server marks the database suspect. Some commands (like drop database) are allowed to execute.

Error 926 is a related error which is raised when attempting to access a database that could not recover. Refer to the write-up for “Error 926”.


To determine why recovery failed, examine the Adaptive Server error log for any errors prior to the 3414 error. It is important to identify the errors before the first occurrence of the 3414 error because subsequent attempts to start Adaptive Server may not give the detailed error information you need to diagnose the problem.

If you do not have sufficient information to recover from the previous errors, you can recover from known, clean backups or contact Sybase Technical Support for assistance.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions