Error 3404



Message text

Rec_complete: Could not open controlling database (id %d) of controlling database in multi-db transaction.


A multi-database transaction spans more than one database in a server. The coordinating database is the one in which the transaction started. The participant databases are other databases involved in the multi-database transaction. A two-phase protocol is used to commit this transaction. When Adaptive Server is restarted after an unexpected shutdown, the recovery of a participant database in a multi-database trransaction may need to open the coordinating database to determine the outcome of the transaction if it is in a prepare-to-commit state. The 3404 error is raised if Adaptive Server is unable to open the coordinating database.

Specifically, error 3404 results when Adaptive Server is attempting to recover a transaction that started in a user database but modified data in master database. When this happens, Adaptive Server is unable to access the transaction log for the user database since the device on which the log resides is not yet open. Consequently master cannot be recovered. This error is frequently accompanied by errors 913 (see “Error 913”) and 3414 (the next error write-up).


Use one of these options to correct this problem:

To avoid a recurrence of this error, do not start transactions in user databases that modify tables in master.

Additional information

Before calling Technical Support, have the information available that is listed in “Reporting errors”.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions