Error 926



Message text

Database '%.*s' cannot be opened. An earlier  attempt at recovery marked it 'suspect'. Check the SQL Server errorlog for  information as to the cause.


This error occurs when you attempt to reference a database that has been marked suspect:

This is a serious error and must be corrected if you want to access your database again.

NoteThis error can be caused by a hardware problem.

Error 3414 is a related error that occurs during startup when Adaptive Server cannot complete the recovery of a database. Refer to “Error 3414”.


Since the 926 error is the result of an earlier error or action, the recommended action is to determine what caused the database to be marked suspect.

In order to determine the cause, check the Adaptive Server error log for error messages for the database in question and try to eliminate those first by using the troubleshooting procedures in this manual.

Depending on why the database was marked suspect, you may choose to remove its suspect flag if you are certain that the critical error which caused the database to be marked suspect has been resolved (for example, if one of the database devices was not available when Adaptive Server was started and you are sure that the device is available now). If you choose to reset the suspect status, refer to “Resetting a database’s “suspect” status” in the chapter “Other Useful Tasks” in the most recent version of the Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery guide.

If you cannot find any procedures recommended for your specific errors, call Sybase Technical Support for assistance.

If the specified database does not contain important data or if you have a known, clean backup of it, you may choose to drop it first, re-create it, and then load the clean database dump into it. Refer to “Dropping a database when drop database fails” in the chapter “Other Useful Tasks” in the most recent version of the Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery guide for information on how to drop a database that has been marked suspect.

Before loading the database dump into the newly created database, make sure that the new database and the dumped database have the same data and log mapping, and the same user segment definitions. Refer to “Error 2558” for information about how to do this.

Additional information

Before calling Sybase Technical Support, have the information listed in “Reporting errors” available, including the output from:

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions