Error 1120



Message text

Attempt to call pg_readalloc on page %ld which is not an allocation page.


Allocation pages are used to track space in the database. Each allocation page for an object has an entry in the object allocation map (OAM) for that table or index. The OAM entry for each allocation page stores the number of used and unused data or index pages on that allocation page.

Error 1120 occurs when you have an invalid page number for an allocation page in the allocation section of an OAM. In this case, Adaptive Server does not have accurate information about which pages have been allocated.

WARNING! This is a serious error because Adaptive Server cannot correctly insert or update data when it occurs. Action should be taken immediately or further database corruption will occur.


Use the page number in the error message to identify the object and the database that is affected by the error. Use the procedure “How to find an object name from a page number” in the chapter “Other Useful Tasks” in the most recent version of Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery.

WARNING! The procedure referenced in the preceeding paragraph uses the dbcc page command. Use the dbcc page command only as directed. This command is undocumented, nonstandard, and is provided “as is” without any warranty. Sybase Technical Support does not support this command for general use. Although the command syntax is provided for reference, use this command only in the specific diagnostic situations described, and with the specific syntax shown. Failure to do so could cause performance problems and database corruption.

To recover from error 1120, restore your database either using bcp or from clean backups. Refer to “Rescuing data from a corrupted table” in the chapter “Other Useful Tasks” in the most recent version of Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery.

Additional information

For information about OAM pages, refer to “Checking Database Consistency” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 2, and see the section “Understanding page and object allocation concepts.”

If you need assistance from Sybase Technical Support, have the information available that is listed in “Reporting errors”, including the output of dbcc page for the corrupted page and the output of dbcc checkalloc for the database identified by dbcc page.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions