Error 1108



Message text

Cannot deallocate extent %ld, database %d. Object id %ld, index id %d, status %d in extent does not match object id %ld, index id %d, status %d in object being deallocated.  Run DBCC CHECKALLOC.


Error 1108 occurs when Adaptive Server is deallocating an extent, if the extent information on the allocation page does not match the information for the object being deallocated. This can be caused by corruption of the allocation page or memory corruption.

A software problem can cause this error to occur:

This is a serious error as it indicates corruption has occurred.

NotePrior to version 12.5, error 1108 was only raised by diagserver.


  1. Run dbcc checkalloc on the database named in the message. Resolve any errors reported by dbcc checkalloc using information about those errors in this manual.

  2. If errors still exist, restore the database from a clean backup or call Sybase Technical Support.

Additional information

If you need assistance from Sybase Technical Support, have the information listed in “Reporting errors” available when you call.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions