Error 7114



Message text

Page %ld is not a valid text page.

NoteThis error may be caused by a hardware problem.


Error 7114 occurs when Adaptive Server attempts to access or update a table’s text or image data, but the retrieved page is found to be a non-text page.

Text page corruption can give rise to 605 errors ("An attempt was made to fetch logical page '%ld' in database '%.*s' from cache '%.*s'. Page belongs to object with id '%ld', not to object '%.*s'.) when you run dbcc's on the affected data.

This error may be due to hardware or operating system errors, or an Adaptive Server problem.


Contact Sybase Technical Support for assistance when this error is raised. Before calling, collect relevant information using the following steps:

  1. Note the page number in the error message. Using the procedure in “Finding an object name from a page number” in the chapter “Other Useful Tasks” in the most recent version of Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery to identify the type of page and the table associated with the page.

  2. Check the integrity of the table’s text page chains:

    1> dbcc textalloc(<tablename>)
    2> go

Additional information

When you call Sybase Technical Support, have the information on hand that is listed in “Reporting errors”, including the output of dbcc checks:

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions