Error 7411



Message text

Table 'systhresholds' in database '%.*s' is not in its correct sort order.  Either the clustered index is missing or there is data corruption in the table.


Every database in the server has a last-chance threshold. The threshold is an estimate of the number of free log pages required to back up the transaction log. A database's last-chance threshold is stored in the systhresholds table; the LCT and related information is also kept in threshold memory cache. When the server reads the systhresholds data for the database and finds that the information is not in its correct order, it raises Error 7411. There is possible corruption on systhresholds or its clustered index. You may also see error 7417.

Error 7411 is raised with the following states:




This state is raised when the server reads the systhreshold table to update the threshold cache in memory for the database, and finds that this information is not in correct order.


This state is raised when you run dbcc checkcatalog, the server reads the systhreshold table and finds that the free-space values for the log segments are not in correct order.

Error 7411 indicates a systhreshold problem. When accompanied by 7417 and (or) 7418 errors, it may be due to an Adaptive Server problem.


If there are no other errors, run dbcc checktable (systhresholds) and dbcc tablealloc (systhresholds) to check consistency of the system table. If you find corruption in systhresholds, call Sybase Technical Support for further instructions.

If the error is accompanied by 7417 and 7418 errors, you may need to upgrade to the latest Adaptive Server Enterprise version available for your platform.

Additional information

See the write-ups for errors 7417 (“Error 7417”) and error 7418 (“Error 7418”).

When you call Sybase Technical Support, have the information listed in “Reporting errors” available, including the output of:

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions earlier than version 15.0