Error 7417



Message text

The last chance threshold entry for logsegment is not present in threshold cache for database '%S_DBID'. Please use 'dbcc thresholds' to see the threshold cache contents and contact your system administrator.


Every database in the server has a last-chance threshold, which is an estimate of the number of free log pages required to back up the transaction log. A database’s last-chance threshold is stored in the systhresholds table, which you can also examine using lct_admin.

When you run dbcc checkcatalog, and the server determines that the last-chance threshold is missing from memory, and it raises the 7417 error; you may also see error 7411 (“Error 7411”) and error 7418 (“Error 7418”).

The server may be unable to find the last-chance threshold under the following circumstances:

Due to an Adaptive Server problem, no last-chance threshold is instantiated for the database in this scenario.


Upgrade to the latest version of Adaptive Server Enterprise available for your platform. Updates to Adaptive Server’s log free space accounting in the latest versions ensure that the last-chance threshold is correctly handled in the scenario that previously led to the 7417 errors.

Additional information

Stranded extents can result in the server being unable to find the space it expected to find in the transaction log. This can lead to other serious errors, such as error 3475, which causes the server to shut down. See the write-up for error 3475.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions