Error 7218



Message text

Site '%.*s' not found in sysservers.


This error occurs when the remote Adaptive Server name in a remote procedure call (RPC) is not defined in the sysservers table on the Adaptive Server initiating the RPC.


Add the remote Adaptive Server name to the sysservers table on the Adaptive Server that initiated the RPC by typing the following:

1> sp_addserver <server_name> 
2> go

Refer to “sp_addserver” in the Reference Manual: Procedures for information about valid Adaptive Server names.

The easiest way to name an Adaptive Server is by assigning it the name stored in the DSQUERY environment variable or the name that is used in the -S option when the server is accessed via isql. For example:


In the above example, “PRODUCTION” is the Adaptive Server name. Determine whether the Server has been added to the sysservers table by issuing the following command:

1> sp_helpserver
2> go

Additional information

For more information, refer to sp_addserver and sp_helpserver in the Reference Manual: Procedures, and “Identifiers” in the Reference Manual: Building Blocks.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions