Sybase Technical Support checklist

This section lists the information you should collect to give to Sybase Technical Support before you call your Sybase Technical Support. Your primary site contact should have a copy of this information.

Providing Technical Support with this information will expedite your problem’s resolution.

Table 1-1: Technical Support checklist



Site ID (customer number):

Case Number:


Support Engineer:

Date Case Opened:

Date Case Closed:

Sybase Server version (include SWR [EBF] version if applicable):

Operating system type and version:

Front-end (client) product and version (include SWR [EBF] version if applicable):

Client machine operating system type and version:

Description of the problem (include error numbers, error messages, circumstances in which problem occurred):

Other useful information (include copy of error logs, reproducible case, number of users on the system, average percent of CPU usage, any other pertinent information):