Error 5850



Message text

Notification failed for parameter '%s'.


You can use sp_configure with the verify or read option to perform validation checking on the parameters in a configuration file.

Configuration parameters are either dynamic or static. Dynamic parameters go into effect as soon as you execute sp_configure. Static parameters require Adaptive Server to reallocate memory, and thus they take effect only after Adaptive Server has been restarted.

During validation checking, if the value of a dynamic parameter is different in the configuration file than the current run value, Adaptive Server notifies itself that it should perform validation checking on the new value and notifies the user by writing an entry in the error log. Error 5850 occurs when that notification fails. It is caused by an Adaptive Server problem.


Try the sp_configure with verify or read command again. If error 5850 occurs again, call Sybase Technical Support.

Additional information

Refer to “Setting Configuration Parameters” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1 for information about configuration parameters and files.

Before calling Technical Support, have the information available that is listed in “Reporting errors”, including a copy of the configuration file being used.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions