Error 8210



Message text

Duplicate of work table descriptor found in the id hash table for temporary object %d.


Adaptive Server uses work tables to temporarily store query results. Work table descriptors are the data structures used to manage access to work tables. For each task, the server maintains a list of the descriptors for work tables in use by that task. Error 8210 is raised when a problem is detected while placing a descriptor into a task work table descriptor list; the error results in a stack trace.

Error 8210 is raised with these states:




The descriptor was found to belong to an object that is not a work table.


There is already a descriptor for this work table in the task’s work table descriptor list.

Error 8210 is due to an Adaptive Server problem with batch scripts or stored procedures that use cursors and employ referential integrity checks.


Contact Sybase Technical Support.

Additional information

Have the information listed in “Reporting errors” when you call Sybase Technical Support.

NoteThe error log contents are especially critical for analysis by Sybase Technical Support. Additional messages that may appear in the error log, along with the 8210 message, may be important clues to the underlying problem.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions.