Error 8207



Message text

Version 12.5 and later

Couldn't find an available descriptor for an object. Raise the value of the configuration parameter ’number of open objects’ for more descriptors. 

Version 12.0.x and earlier

Couldn't find an available descriptor for an object. Configure your system for more descriptors.


This message displays when Adaptive Server is configured for fewer open objects (also known as descriptors) than are currently needed.

The configuration parameter number of open objects sets the maximum number of objects that can be open at one time in Adaptive Server.


  1. Use the system procedure sp_configure to display the run value of the configuration parameter you need to change:

    1> sp_configure "number of open objects"
    2> go

    Increasing the value of number of open objects does not have a significant impact on performance or storage requirements. However, be careful when changing Adaptive Server configuration parameters. Refer to the chapter “Setting Configuration Parameters” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1 for information about selecting an appropriate value for number of open objects.

  2. Increase the value of the number of open objects parameter to a higher value than the current run value for that parameter:

    1> sp_configure "number of open objects", <new_value>
    2> go

    This configuration change is dynamic and takes effect immediately.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions