Error 5808



Message text

WARNING: Dynamic loading of caches and pools through loading a new file are not supported. However, the loadfile '%s' will be inspected for consistency. Refer to 'sp_cacheconfig' and 'sp_poolconfig' to create or alter pools and caches.


Configuration options are either dynamic or static. Dynamic parameters go into effect as soon as you execute sp_configure. Static parameters require Adaptive Server to reallocate memory; therefore, they take effect only after Adaptive Server has been restarted.

Creating, dropping, and changing the size of data caches requires a restart of Adaptive Server for the configuration to take effect. Changes to data caches that take effect without a restart include changing the type, creating, dropping, and resizing memory pools with sp_poolconfig, changing the wash percentage of the pools, and binding and unbinding objects.

Error 5808, an informational message, is displayed while Adaptive Server is loading configuration information from a configuration file. Although dynamic loading of caches by using sp_configure to load a new configuration file is not supported, Adaptive Server checks cache configuration information as it is read from the file to make sure valid values are specified.


No action is required.

To activate cache and pool entries already made in the configuration file, shut down and restart Adaptive Server.

In the future, use sp_cacheconfig and sp_poolconfig to configure caches and pools and avoid the 5808 error. You must shut down and restart Adaptive Server to make cache changes take effect.

Additional information

See Reference Manual: Procedures for information about sp_cacheconfig and sp_poolconfig.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions