Error 5806



Message text

Warning: The file `%s' has been overwritten. To prevent this rename, move, or delete old configuration files. See System Administration Guide for details. 


When there is a change in the server configuration, Adaptive Server overwrites or updates the existing configuration information in <servername>.cfg. Adaptive Server updates the configuration file by keeping a copy of the previous configuration information in <servername>.nnn file, where “nnn” is the next highest available number. Adaptive Server scans the $SYBASE/$SYBASE_ASE directory for the current maximum suffix and creates the backup file <servername>.nnn. If the current maximum suffix (in the directory) is greater than or equal to 999, then Adaptive Server restarts the numbering; specifically, <servername>.001 will be created by overwriting the existing file.


If the existing backup copies of the configuration file (<servername>.nnn) are unnecessary, they can be removed. Be careful not to remove the <servername>.cfg, <servername>.bak, and <servername>.krg files that may be in that same directory. If the backup copy files are necessary, they should either be renamed, moved to a different directory, or backed up and then removed.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 11.0 and later