Error 5824



Message text

Cannot reconfigure server to use sort order ID %d, because the row for its underlying character set (ID %d) does not exist in syscharsets.


The syscharsets system table contains one row for each character set and sort order defined for use by Adaptive Server. One of the sort orders is marked in master..sysconfigures as the default sort order, which is the only order actually in use.

This error is raised when you are reconfiguring Adaptive Server to use a different character set and/or sort order, and one of the following is true:

The error occurs with the following states:




Adaptive Server could not find the specified character set in syscharsets.


Adaptive Server could not find the specified sort order in syscharsets.


  1. Determine the character sets that exist in syscharsets (note that a character set is defined by id, where the sort order is defined by a combination of the sort order ID and the character set ID csid):

    1> select name, id from master..syscharsets
    2> where csid = 0
    3> go

    This query can return more than one row if alternate character sets are installed. In this case, check the sysconfigures table or use sp_helpsort to determine the default character set.

    If error 5824 is raised with state 1, and the specified character set does not exist, you will need to install it. Refer to “Configuring Character Sets, Sort Orders, and Languages” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 1.

  2. Using the character set from step 1, determine whether the specified sort order exists in syscharsets:

    1> select name, id, csid, description 
    2> from master..syscharsets
    3> where csid = [<charset_id>]
    4> go

    Where <charset_id> is the ID from step 1.

  3. If the character set or sort order data exist in syscharsets, check the table integrity:

    1> dbcc checktable (syscharsets)
    2> go

    If errors are returned, recover from them by using the sections in this manual that describe those errors.

  4. If errors persist, contact Sybase Technical Support. Depending on the type of problem you found, you may be able to take corrective action, such as manually changing the character sets or rebuilding the index on syscharsets.

Additional information

Before calling Technical Support, have the information available that is listed in “Reporting errors”, including the:

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions