Error 11203



Message text

The command ’%s’ is not legal for objects of this type. External definition: %.*


Adaptive Server 12.5 enables SQL access to file system directories and the underlying files. A Component Integration Services (CIS) proxy table, created with the following command syntax maps column names to attributes of files that exist within the external directory.

create table table-name
external file at "directory-path" ...

Given the nature and purpose of CIS proxy tables defining external file systems, not all Adaptive Server commands and functions are applicable to these tables. Error 11203 is raised when the server is instructed to perform an operation that is incompatible with this type of table.

For example, error 11203 may be raised when one of the following operations is attempted on an external file system proxy table:

Error 11203 is also raised when you attempt to run an update statistics command on a proxy table mapped to a remote procedure.


Contact Sybase Technical Support. Do not attempt the operation that raised error 11203. Batches or scripts that perform mass operations such as dbcc checks may need to be altered to ensure that the offending operation is not attempted on the external file system proxy table.

Additional information

Have the information listed in “Reporting errors” when you call Sybase Technical Support.

Versions in which this error is raised

Version 12.5 and later