Error 11202



Message text

Unable to create table '%.*s' because it has no remote storage location defined. Creation of local user tables is allowed only in the master and tempdb databases.


Component Integration Services (CIS) is a feature that extends Adaptive Server capabilities and allows you to access and manipulate tables in remote servers as if they were local tables. When you install Adaptive Server, files needed to interact with CIS are placed in the installation directory.

Error 11202 is raised when you attempt to create a table, but Adaptive Server is unable to locate or otherwise access one of these files. The problem can occur even if you are creating a local table and do not utilize CIS.


Use the following checklist to ensure that the necessary file is accessible:

  1. Check that the SYBASE environment variable is properly set. If you recently upgraded, make sure that this variable was updated. Restart the server after checking this variable.

  2. Make sure that you start the server as user “sybase”.

  3. Check that the files dsopt1 (necessary for local tables) and dsopt2 (necessary for remote tables) exist in your installation directory. For example, in UNIX sites the file $SYBASE/install/dsopt1 must exist with read permissions before you can create local tables. Restore any missing files and restart Adaptive Server.

NoteThe Adaptive Server Enterprise directory structure changed with version 12.0. Check the installation and configuration guides for your platform for details.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions