Error 849



Message text

I/O error detected for device '%.*s' (with  physical name '%.*s', and virtual device number %d). 

NoteThis error may be caused by a hardware problem.


This error occurs when Adaptive Server encounters an I/O error on a read or write request made to a Sybase device. The error is accompanied by error 823 and is seen during dbcc operations.

The parameters in the error message refer to the Sybase logical device name, the physical operating system location of the device, and the virtual device number (a unique identifier for the device).

Error 849 is related to:


Check your operating system logs for any information about hardware problems on a disk containing a Sybase device. Because error 849 accompanies and provides supporting data for 823 errors, refer to “Error 823” for more troubleshooting information. In the event of hardware failure, you will need to restore the affected databases from clean backups.

If your site uses disk mirroring, error 849 may indicate that Adaptive  Server continued to issue I/O’s to a failed primary device. Contact Sybase Technical Support for assistance.

Additional information

When calling Sybase Technical Support, have available the information listed in “Reporting errors”.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions