Error 847



Message text

Checkpoint process detected hardware error writing logical page '%ld', virtual page '%ld' for dbid '%ld', cache '%.*s'.  It will sleep until write completes successfully.

NoteThis error may be caused by a hardware problem.


Adaptive Server’s automatic checkpoint mechanism guarantees that data pages changed by completed transactions are regularly written from memory to the database device. To accomplish this, the checkpoint process periodically checks the number of log records in the transaction log for each database. The number of log records, and a recovery interval defined with sp_configure, are used to decide when to checkpoint each database. During the checkpoint all pages that have been modified in memory, but not on disk, since the last checkpoint are written out to the database device. checkpoint is performed on a per database basis for all the databases on an Adaptive Server.

Error 847 occurs when the checkpoint process is unable to write out pages to the database device due to a hardware problem. The error is preceded by the following message in the error log:

bufwritedes: write error detected - spid=%ld, ppage=%ld, 
bvirtpg=%ld, dbid=%ld


This is an informational message and the checkpoint task will periodically retry writing pages to the device. To identify the affected devices so you can investigate the hardware problem, refer to the chapter “Creating and Managing User Databases” in the System Administration Guide: Volume 2 and read the section “Getting Information About Database Storage.”

NoteIf hardware problems were detected, execute the dbcc checkdb and dbcc checkalloc commands for the affected database to ensure that no database corruption occurred due to the problem.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions