Buffer mismatch

Message text

Bufunhash: Buffer %lx from database '%.*s' has page number %ld  in the page header and page number %ld in the buffer header. Buffer will be unhashed, no action is necessary. Printing headers for diagnostics:

NoteThis error may be caused by a hardware problem.


This error only appears in the error log and means that a cache management problem occurred.

WARNING! This can be a very serious error that is often followed by database corruption, such as 605 errors.

Although often a result of hardware failure, this error can also be caused by operating system or Adaptive Server problems.


  1. If possible, shut down and restart Adaptive Server immediately after this error occurs. This may prevent the buffer cache error from being flushed to disk.

  2. Run complete diagnostics on the machine running Adaptive Server and on all disk drives and controllers attached to that machine.

  3. Run complete dbcc checks, including dbcc checkalloc and dbcc checkdb, on any databases involved.

  4. Repair or replace faulty hardware.

  5. Shut down and restart Adaptive Server.

  6. If you do not find any hardware problems, call Sybase Technical Support immediately.

Additional information

Before calling Sybase Technical Support for assistance, have the information available that is listed in “Reporting errors”, including a reproducible case (if possible).