Asynchronous I/O not available

Message text

 basis_daioconfig: Asynchronous I/O not available


This error (or additional errors starting with basis_daioconfig) are raised when Adaptive Server is unable to start up with asynchronous I/O on an HP-UX system. This problem is caused by an incorrect operating system configuration. Common reasons include:

This section explains how to investigate and correct the error, and provides additional resources for troubleshooting the memory problem.


Although they are reported in the Adaptive Server error log, basis_daioconfig errors originate from the operating system and can be corrected with appropriate management of memory parameters and device permissions.

Investigate the problem by checking for additional asynchronous I/O related messages in the error log; these messages are printed just prior to the Asynchronous I/O not available error.

Additional information

Refer to the following information about asynchronous I/O: