Error 539



Message text

Unexpected internal access methods error %d, state %d. Please report to Technical Support the following information: dbid=%d, objectid=%ld, curcmd=%d (%s), plasterror=%ld, pstat=0x%x, p2stat=0x%x, xactid=(%ld, %d).


Error 539 is raised during query processing when Adaptive Server attempts to execute an access method, but the attempt fails with an unknown failure in the access method. This is why error 539 reports error code 0. Error 539 is due to an Adaptive Server problem.


If additional errors accompany the 539 error, resolve them using the relevant write-ups in this document. If the problem persists, call Sybase Technical Support.

Additional information

Have the information listed in “Reporting errors” when you call Sybase Technical Support:

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions