Error 530



Message text

Attempt to insert NULL value into column %d in work table (table id %ld); column does not allow NULLS.  UPDATE fails.


During the runtime phase of updates, Adaptive Server sometimes uses worktables to temporarily store query results. Later in the query processing, Adaptive Server selects the values from those tables.

If, as a result of your query, Adaptive Server tries to insert a null value into a column of a worktable, and nulls are not allowed for the column, error 530 occurs. The command is aborted and the update fails. Error 530 is caused by an Adaptive Server problem.


Depending on the context of the error, you may be able to rewrite the query (for example, supply a column name or specify isnull). If the error reoccurs, or you cannot write the query in another way, call Sybase Technical Support.

Versions in which this error is raised

All versions