Memory usage in procedure headers

Message text

memory usage in procedure headers does not match memory usage. count in pss (%d) for server process id %d.


A process is a task being carried out by Adaptive Server. Processes can be in various states such as running or waiting for resources. For each user process and some system processes, Adaptive Server maintains a process status structure (PSS) to track the state of the process and the process’ use of resources. It also maintains an array of structures in the procedure header, each of which represents a physical page of memory in procedure cache.

When a process completes, Adaptive Server performs cleanup tasks such as freeing up resources used by the task. This error is reported when Adaptive Server cleans up after normal completion of a batch process, and determines that the memory usage tracked by the procedure header does not match the usage total maintained in the PSS.

This error may be due to an Adaptive Server problem.


No action is required, since this is an informational message and does not result in any incorrect behavior. Upon detecting the memory count mismatch, Adaptive Server corrects the appropriate counter, completes the cleanup tasks, and continues processing.

Additional information

If this error persists, contact Sybase Technical Support and have the information on hand that is listed in “Reporting errors”.

Versions in which this error is raised

Versions 11.5, and earlier