admin health


Displays the status of the Replication Server.


admin health


Example 1

Displays the status of the Replication Server.

admin health
Mode        Quiesce    Status
-------     -------    -------


Table 3-3 describes the output columns.

Table 3-3: Column descriptions for admin health output




The state of the Replication Server with regard to recovery. It is one of these values:

  • NORMAL – Replication Server is operating normally.

  • REBUILDING – This is a transient state while Replication Server executes the rebuild queues command.

  • RECOVERY – The Replication Server is in stand-alone mode and the rebuild queues command has been executed.

  • STANDALONE – Replication Server is not accepting or starting any connections. You can only enter this state by starting Replication Server with the -M flag. Exit from stand-alone mode by shutting down the Replication Server and restarting it without the -M flag.


Indicates if the Replication Server is quiesced. It is either:

  • TRUE – Replication Server is quiesced, that is, all messages have been flushed.

  • FALSE – Replication Server is not quiesced.


Overall status of the Replication Server. It is either:

HEALTHY – All threads are executing as expected.

SUSPECT – A thread is down and the Replication Server expected it to be running. Or, a thread is in a “Connecting” state. The “Connecting” state means that either the server to which Replication Server is connecting is unavailable and a problem exists, or the Replication Server will connect successfully in a moment and the suspect status is transitory.

You can see threads that are not running by executing admin who_is_down.


Any user may execute this command.

See also

admin quiesce_check, admin quiesce_force_rsi, admin who, admin who_is_down, admin who_is_up, rebuild queues