admin quiesce_force_rsi


Determines whether a Replication Server is quiescent and forces it to deliver and obtain acknowledgments for messages in RSI queues.


admin quiesce_force_rsi


Example 1

The TOKYO_RS Replication Server is quiescent.

admin quiesce_force_rsi
Replication Server TOKYO_RS is quiesced

Example 2

This message indicates that the system is not quiescent because there are unread messages in queue 103:1. The reported Write location (32.1) and Read location (30.2) show that more blocks in the queue have been written than read.

admin quiesce_force_rsi
Can’t Quiesce. Queue 103:1 has not been read out.
Write=32.1 Read=30.2



Any user may execute this command.

See also

admin quiesce_check, suspend connection, suspend log transfer