admin quiesce_check


Determines if the queues in the Replication Server have been quiesced.


admin quiesce_check


Example 1

The TOKYO_RS Replication Server is quiescent.

admin quiesce_check
Replication Server TOKYO_RS is quiesced

Example 2

This message indicates that the system is not quiescent because there are unread messages in queue 103:1. The reported Read location (30.2) and Write location (32.1) show that more blocks in the queue have been written than read. Assuming no more blocks are written, the Read location must advance to segment 32, block 2, before the system becomes quiescent.

admin quiesce_check
Can’t Quiesce. Queue 103:1 has not been read out.
 Write=32.1 Read=30.2



Any user may execute this command.

See also

admin quiesce_force_rsi, suspend connection, suspend log transfer