Data Catalog

The Sybase Data Federation data catalog is the shared, hierarchical directory where data owners and administrators can register their data sources, files, queries, and data integration services, and set access control and other policies. The data catalog is distributed and can scale across an enterprise. By interconnecting Data Federation domains, administrators can create data catalogs that span multiple enterprises while maintaining strict access control policies.

Application developers and end users who need access to data use the data catalog to browse or search for the data sources or services they need, access the data directly, or invoke data integration services, subject to access control policies.

You can view and access the contents of the data catalog in various ways: through WorkSpace Data Federation’s Enterprise Explorer view, through the Data Federation web user interface (web UI), through the Data Federation command line interface (also called the commmand client or CLI), or via web services/SOAP.

Every object in a Data Federation domain has an entry in the data catalog. This includes obvious things like database operations, SQL views, data services, data catalog directories, and files. It also includes servers, user accounts, authentication services, groups, and search services. A core catalog structure is created with each Data Federation domain; that structure can be extended and customized to suit your organization’s needs.

Every object in the system therefore has a catalog name, or path. Data Federation’s APIs, commands and user interfaces also recognize so-called “qualified names” for certain types of objects—these are merely syntactic shorthand for catalog paths.

The list of top-level Data Federation directories (folders) appears in WorkSpace Data Federation's Enterprise Explorer view when you expand a connected Grid Domain Controller (GDC).

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