sybpcidb tables

The sybpcidb database stores configuration information for the Java PCI Bridge and the PCA/JVM plug-in. This section lists the sybpcidb tables in alphabetical order.


Stores information about the arguments used to configure the PCA/JVM plug-in. Columns: jre_args_directive_index, jre_args_name, jre_args_units, jre_args_number_value, jre_args_string_value, , jre_args_description, jre_args_enabled, jre_args_status


Stores information about the directives used to configure the PCA/JVM. Columns: jre_directives_index, jre_directives_name, jre_directives_description, jre_directives_enabled, jre_directives_status


Stores information that defines each of the arguments used to configure the PCI Bridge. Columns: pci_args_directive_index, pci_args_name, pci_args_units, pci_args_number_value, pci_args_string_value, pci_args_description, pci_args_enabled, pci_args_status


Stores the directives that configure the PCI Bridge. Columns: pci_directives_index, pci_directives_name, pci_directives_description, pci_directives_enabled, pci_directives_status


Contains information describing each slot, including table names for the slot’s directives and arguments. Columns: slot_number, slot_name, slot_pca_directives_table_name, slot_pca_arguments_table_name, slot_status


Contains the runtime system call configuration information for the runtime dispatching model used by the PCI Bridge. Columns: syscall_slot_number, syscall_system_call, syscall_dispatch_name, syscall_enabled, syscall_status