Setting Configuration Parameters

A configuration parameter is a user-definable setting that you set with sp_configure. Configuration parameters are used for a wide range of services, from basic to specific server operations, and for performance tuning. SAP ASE supplies default values for all configuration parameters.

Use configuration parameters to tailor SAP ASE for an installation’s particular needs. Determine which configuration parameters you should reset to optimize server performance.

Warning!   Change configuration parameters with caution. Arbitrary changes in parameter values can adversely affect SAP ASE performance and other aspects of server operation.

SAP ASE stores the values of configuration parameters in a configuration file, which is an ASCII text file.

When you install a new SAP ASE, your parameters are set to the default configuration; the default name of the file is server_name.cfg, and the default location of the file is the SAP ASE home directory ($SYBASE_ASE). Each time you modify a configuration parameter, SAP ASE creates a copy of the outdated configuration file, using the naming convention server_name.001, server_name.002, server_name.003...server_name.999. SAP ASE writes the new values to the file server_name.cfg or to a file name you specify at start-up.