Unit Specification Using sp_configure

sp_configure allows you to specify the value for configuration parameters in unit specifiers.

The unit specifiers are p or P for pages, m or M for megabytes, and g or G for gigabytes. If you do not specify a unit, and you are configuring a parameter that controls memory, SAP ASE uses the logical page size for the basic unit.

Note: When you are configuring memory-related parameters, use only the P (page size) parameter for your unit specification. If you use any other parameter to configure memory related parameters, SAP ASE may issue an arithmetic overflow error message.

The syntax to indicate a particular unit specification is:

sp_configure "parameter name", 0, "p|P|k|K|m|M|g|G"

You must include the “0” as a placeholder.

You can use this unit specification to configure any parameter. For example, when setting number of locks to 1024 you can enter:
sp_configure "number of locks", 1024
sp_configure "number of locks", 0, "1K"

This functionality does not change the way in which SAP ASE reports sp_configure output.