sysconfigures and syscurconfigs Tables

The report shown by sp_configure is constructed mainly from the master..sysconfigures and master..syscurconfigs system tables, with additional information provided from sysattributes, sysdevices, and other system tables.

The value column in the sysconfigures table records the last value set from sp_configure or the configuration file; the value column in syscurconfigs stores the value currently in use. For dynamic parameters, the two values match; for static parameters, which require a restart of the server to take effect, the two values are different if the values have been changed since SAP ASE was last started. The values may also be different when the default values are used. In this case, sysconfigures stores 0, and syscurconfigs stores the value that SAP ASE computes and uses.

sp_configure performs a join on sysconfigures and syscurconfigs to display the values reported by sp_configure.