Database Mount and Unmount

Use the mount and unmount commands to perform a number of tasks.

Note: mount database and unmount database are supported in the Cluster Edition. These commands may be aborted if an instance failover recovery takes place while you are using these commands. In this case, the user must re-issue the command when the instance failover recovery is complete.
  1. Use unmount to remove a database and its devices from a server. A manifest file is created for the database at a location you specify in the command clauses. The manifest file contains information pertinent to the database at the source SAP ASE, such as database devices, server information, and database information.
  2. Copy or move the database onto the destination SAP ASE.
  3. Use mount to add the devices, attributes, and so on for the database.
  4. Use database online to bring the database up on the destination SAP ASE without restarting the server.

See the Reference Manual: Commands for complete documentation of mount and unmount database.

Warning!   For every login that is allowed access to a database on the original SAP ASE, a corresponding login for the same suid must exist at the destination SAP ASE.

For permissions to remain unchanged, the login maps at the destination SAP ASE must be identical to those on the source SAP ASE.

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