Device Verification

The destination SAP ASE verifies the devices in the manifest file by scanning the device allocation boundaries for each database.

The scan ensures that the devices being mounted correspond to the allocations described in the manifest file, and verifies the dbid in the allocation page against that in the manifest file for the first and last allocation pages for each sysusages entry.

If a stricter device inspection is necessary, use with verify in the mount command, which verifies the dbid for all allocation pages in the databases.

Exercise extreme care to ensure you do not mix up copies of the devices.

For example, if you make a database copy made up of copies for disks dsk1, dsk2, and dsk3 and in August, you try to mount dsk1 and dsk2 copies from a copy of the database made in March, and dsk3 from a copy made in June, the allocation page check passes even if with verify is used in the mount command. Recovery fails because the database information is invalid for the version being used.

However, recovery may not fail if dsk3 is not accessed, which means that the database comes online, but the data may be corrupt.