Operations That Copy and Move Databases

Moving or copying operations occur at the database level, and require activity external to SAP ASE. To move or copy devices and databases, be sure that they are set up on the source SAP ASE using units that support a physical transportation.

For example, if any device is used by more than one database, then all of those databases must be transported in one operation.

When you copy a database, you duplicate a set of databases from the source to a destination by physically copying the underlying devices. You are copying a set of databases from a source SAP ASE to a destination SAP ASE.

The quiesce database command lets you include the parameter for creating the manifest file for an external dump. Use a utility or command external to SAP ASE (tar, zip or the UNIX dd command) to move or copy the database to the destination SAP ASE. Data is extracted and placed on devices at the destination SAP ASE using the same external command or utility.

If a device is used for more than one database, you must remove all of the databases on that device in one operation.

Use caution during the initial configuration of the source SAP ASE. The SAP ASE cannot verify whether a device is transportable as a unit. Make sure that the underlying disk that is to be disconnected does not cause a database that is not being moved to lose some of its storage. SAP ASE cannot identify whether a drive is partitioned on a single physical disk; you must move the databases together in one unit.

Warning!   mount and unmount allow you to identify more than one database for a move operation. However, if a device is used for more than one database, then all of the databases must be moved in one operation. Specify the set of databases being transported. The devices used by these databases cannot be shared with any extraneous database besides the ones specified in the command.