Before You Begin

sybmigrate requires JRE 1.4, jConnect™ for JDBC™ 6.0, ddlgen components, and Component Integration Services in the source SAP ASE server.

sybmigrate is installed as part of the SAP ASE software. For information about how to install SAP ASE, see the installation guide for your platform.

Because sybmigrate requires a server-to-server connection, two SAP ASE servers must be running. Make sure that you have the appropriate licenses.

Before you begin the migration process, create databases, devices, and segments on the target SAP ASE server. Server and cache configurations must also be already installed on the target SAP ASE server.

Use ddlgen to extract the corresponding scripts from the source SAP ASE server, and modify them as needed before applying them to the target SAP ASE server.

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