Environment Settings

These environment variables must be set correctly. With the exception of SYBMIGRATE_MEMORY, these environment variables are defined in the SYBASE.csh or SYBASE.sh files that are created during the installation process.

Environment VariableDescription
Defines the location of the Sybase release path.
Defines the location of the SAP ASE component directory.
Defines the location of the Java runtime environment. This is generally set to $SYBASE/shared/jre-1_4 in the SAP ASE release area. This environment variable overrides JAVA_HOME. SYBASE_JRE defaults to $SYBASE/shared/jre142 (UNIX) and %SYBASE%\Shared\Sun\jre142 (Windows).
Specifies the amount of memory to be used when invoking the Java virtual machine (JVM). This environment variable should be specified with a number, which refers to the amount of memory in megabytes. If SYBMIGRATE_MEMORY is not set, JVM uses the default memory setting of 512MB.