Thread Statistics and Details

Interpret SAP ASE thread information.

In a cluster environment, threads created on instances of a cluster appear as an Instance Threads in the right pane of the Threads screen.

Displays information about affinity and number of ticks in the selected thread, including:
  • Total number of ticks
  • Number of idle ticks
  • Number of sleeping ticks
  • Number of busy ticks
Also displays page faults and operating system context switches with the current thread, including:
  • Number of minor and major page faults
  • Operating system thread ID and alternative thread ID
  • Number of voluntary and forced context switches
Thread CPU Utilization
Displays graphs depicting user and system CPU utilization.
Note: For graphs to appear, one or more data collection jobs must be scheduled.

Displays a list of all the kernel task names and IDs associated with thread pools.

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