Creating a Thread Pool

Group SAP ASE engines into thread pools.

Set the kernel mode to threaded. You can change the kernel mode on the Server Configuration screen, or by executing this command at the server level from the Administration Console.

sp_configure "kernel mode", 0, threaded

You must restart SAP ASE for the change to take effect.

Thread pools are groups of resources, such as engines, that execute user tasks, run specific jobs such as signal handling, and process requests from a work queue. Both system-defined and user-defined thread pools are supported.

  1. In the left pane of the Administration Console, expand ASE Servers > Performance, then select Thread Pools.
  2. Select New.
  3. On the Introduction screen, select a server that is configured to run in threaded mode.
  4. (Optional) For a cluster environment, click Create this as local thread pool, then select the cluster instance on which the thread pool will be created.
  5. On the Thread Pool Name screen, specify the name of the thread pool you want to create.
    Note: You cannot name thread pools starting with a syb_ prefix since that is reserved for system thread pools.
  6. On the Thread count screen, specify the number of threads. The maximum number of threads you can configure cannot exceed the value of max online engines.
  7. Specify the thread pool idle time out in microseconds.
  8. (Optional) Provide a description for the thread pool.
  9. (Optional) Click Preview to see the SQL statements for your command.
  10. (Optional) Click Summary to verify your selected options.
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