Thread Pool Properties

View properties of thread pools in an SAP ASE.

Click the Name field of the thread pool, then click the drop-down arrow and select Properties.

Pages Properties
  • Name and type – two types of threads are supported: Engine (or multiplexed) or Run to completion (RTC) threads. User created thread pools are always multiplexed.
  • Instance name (cluster environment only) – only displayed when the thread pool is created on an instance of the cluster rather than the entire cluster.
  • Thread count – you can increase the thread count up to a maximum value of max online engines configuration parameter.
  • Idle Time Out – set to:
    • 0 – threads change to sleep mode if no work is available.
    • -1 – threads never change to sleep mode even if no work is available.
  • Description – add a description for the thread pool.
Execution Classes The execution classes that are associated with each user or system thread pool are displayed.
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