Logging or Message Levels

Describes values you can use to control the types of events that are logged by SAP Control Center.

These are the logging levels, from highest to lowest. The higher the level, the more serious an event must be to be logged. Each level includes all the levels above it—for example, if you set the logging level to WARN, you log events for the WARN, ERROR, and FATAL levels.
OFF Nothing is logged. This is the highest level.
FATAL Logs only very severe error events that lead the server to abort. This is the highest level at which events are logged.
ERROR Logs error events that might allow the server to continue running.
WARN Logs potentially harmful situations. WARN is the default logging level during normal operation (that is, after system initialization).
INFO Logs informational messages that track the progress of the server in a coarse-grained fashion. INFO is the default logging level during the system initialization process.
DEBUG Logs a larger set of events that provides a finer-grained picture of how the server is operating. This level is recommended for troubleshooting.
ALL Logs all loggable events. This is the lowest level.
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