Changing Logging Configuration

Edit the logging configuration file,, to modify SAP Control Center logging.

You can change the names, locations, or maximum size of the log files as well as the number of log files backed up.

Options for the scc command let you change the overall SAP Control Center log message level when you start SCC, but if you choose the DEBUG level, the large volume of log messages generated may be inconvenient. Editing the log properties file gives you finer control; you can set logging levels for each SCC component separately. SAP recommends making such changes only if you are familiar with log4j and you are working with SAP technical support; DEBUG-level log messages are not likely to be meaningful to you. (If you have not used log4j before, a good place to start is

  1. Shut down SCC.
  2. Make a backup copy of the file located in <SCC-installation-directory>/conf.
  3. Open the file for editing.
  4. Change values in the file to suit your needs. For example:
    To Modify
    Change the name or location of a log file
    • Agent log – log4j.appender.agent.File
    • Repository log – log4j.appender.repository.File
    • Collection statistics log – log4j.appender.collection-stats.File
    • Alert server log – log4j.appender.alert.File
    • Gateway log – log4j.appender.gateway.File
    Change the maximum size that a log file can reach before SCC creates a new file
    • Agent log – log4j.appender.agent.MaxFileSize
    • Repository log – log4j.appender.repository.MaxFileSize
    • Collection statistics log – log4j.appender.collection-stats.MaxFileSize
    • Alert server log – log4j.appender.alert.MaxFileSize
    • Gateway log – log4j.appender.gateway.MaxFileSize
    Change the number of log files SCC backs up before deleting the oldest file
    • Agent log – log4j.appender.agent.MaxBackupIndex
    • Repository log – log4j.appender.repository.MaxBackupIndex
    • Collection statistics log – log4j.appender.collection-stats.MaxBackupIndex
    • Alert server log – log4j.appender.alert.MaxBackupIndex
    • Gateway log – log4j.appender.gateway.MaxBackupIndex
  5. Save and exit the file.
  6. Start SCC to make the logging changes take effect.
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