Changing the Logging Level

Adjust the logging level that determines which events SAP Control Center records in the server logs. This task requires you to restart SAP Control Center.

If you are having a problem with SAP Control Center, you might be able to discover the cause of the problem by changing the server logging level so that more events are recorded.

  1. Shut down SAP Control Center.
  2. Restart SAP Control Center using the -m option to change the logging level. In <SCC-installation-dir>/bin, enter:
    scc -m <logging-level>

    The logging levels are OFF (logs nothing), FATAL (logs only the most severe events), ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, and ALL (logs everything).

  3. Examine the server log for clues about what might be causing the problem.
  4. When you have resolved the problem, set the logging level back to WARN, the default. Your log may become unmanageably large if you leave it at the DEBUG or ALL level.


These commands, which must be executed in the installation directory, start SAP Control Center with the logging level set to debug:

Windows: bin\scc -m DEBUG
UNIX: bin/scc -m DEBUG
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