Optional Configuration Steps

Perform additional configuration, including user authorization, alerts, data collection scheduling, backups, and setting purging options for the repository.

Configuration areas
Configuration area Description Topic
User authorization Set up groups of users or assign roles. Make sure there are users with administrative privileges (sccAdminRole). User Authorization
Authentication Add authentication modules to allow Windows, UNIX, and LDAP users to log in to SAP Control Center. Setting up Security
Alerts Modify alert thresholds and subscriptions and delete alerts. Alerts
Data collection Modify collection intervals and schedules, suspend and resume the schedule, and delete collection jobs. Job Scheduling
Resources Unregister resources, add them to perspectives, or remove them. Resources
Perspectives Create, remove, and rename perspectives. Perspectives
Instances Enable or disable shared-disk mode and deploy, remove, refresh, or convert SCC agent or server instances running from a shared disk. Instances
Repository Set purging options and schedule backups of the repository database. Repository