A perspective is a named container for a set of one or more managed resources. You can customize perspectives to provide the information you need about your environment.

As the main workspaces in the SAP Control Center window, perspectives let you organize managed resources. You might assign resources to perspectives based on where the resources are located (continents, states, or time zones, for example), what they are used for, which group owns them, or which administrator manages them. Perspectives appear as tabs in the main window.

Every perspective includes a Perspective Resources view, which lists the resources in that perspective and provides high-level status and descriptive information. Use the View menu to switch from detail view to icon view and back.

You can open additional views —the heat chart, statistics chart, or alert monitor, for example— as needed to manage the perspective’s resources. The views in a perspective display information only about resources in that perspective.

One resource can appear in many perspectives.